Portfolio Examples



I am the class teacher at a Local Authority Maintained Nursery School in North Yorkshire. I lead an amazing team and am supported by a great Headteacher, who gives me the freedom to teach the way I want to. I don't follow one approach, instead I cherry pick the best ideas and mix them together to create a 'patchwork pedagogy' which works best for my individual children.



I have been a student on e-Learning courses, and have experienced the very best and the very worst of what the internet has to offer. I use my own experiences to create e-Learning journeys which can be navigated easily, are interactive and can be returned to. Examples of my work can be accessed below:


.Forest School Leader Training

As part of my own studies I created an interactive slide to demonstrate how to tie common knots and lashings click here

Play Theory 1

Created for Child Central Training Ltd. This course introduces the often overlooked theory of Play to Playworkers starting their training. Click here

Key Stage 3 Science

Chemical definitions click here

GCSE Biology Resources

A Catchphrase board, introducing the concept of 'Survival of the Fittest'.

End of topic quiz on cells click here

Jeopardy: Menstruation cycle click here

A-Level AQA Biological Molecules

Three online lessons delivering the AQA Biological Molecules syllabus click here.

National Survey and Subsequent Analysis

I conducted the National Survey used to review inclusive play in Scotland. The results and analysis was published in Scotland's Play Strategy: Playing with quality and equality: a review of inclusive play in Scotland (2015).

Animation Illustrating the Playwork Principles.

The Playwork Principles were drawn up by the Playwork Principles Scrutiny Group in 2004. They establish the professional and ethical framework for playwork. Click here


MOODLE Manager



I have managed the MOODLE for Child Central Training Ltd since 2012. I am responsible for the creation of courses, enrolment of students and the support of staff.



SQA Co-Ordinator



I am the SQA Co-Ordinator for Child Central Training Ltd. Using SQA Connect I access a range of services that provide delivery and operational support for our qualifications. I register candidates for qualifications, update candidate details and result as appropriate.



e-Learning Creator



I create engaging, interactive e-Learning courses and slides using Articulate Storyline. These can be delivered via LMS, website and/or standalone e.g. from USB stick or CD.



Social Media Content



I currently manage the social media content for eight Facebook pages including: Keep Fit and Carry On, Child Central Training Ltd and The Wilderness, Skipton.



Academic Gypsy



I holidayed in Wigtown, Scotland's 'town of books' and spotted a book with this great title and felt that it summed me up to a 'T'. I love to learn and have been fortunate enough to pursue academic studies throughout my life. Attending universities in Scotland, England and Wales.