Creation of bespoke,  e-Learning resources, created from either your own source materials e.g. PowerPoint or from scratch.



I have created a range of e-Learning resources, in different formats, for a variety of topics including: Early Years, Legislation, Child Protection, Biomolecules, Senses, STEM Experiments. 


  • Articulate Storyline
  • Articulate Rise
  • YouTube videos
  • PowerPoint
  • Publicity
  • EventBrite event management
  • Social Media Content




I have been incredibly lucky in my career(s) thus far and have been supported by some amazingly generous peope. Sometimes through mentorship, sometimes through resources, sometimes just because they gave me a chance.



So I made the decision to share some of my resources for free, these are downloadable from my TES shop. At the last count there have been in excess of 40K downloads. Like most teachers I use my own money to buy things for my classroom, this is my way of making life a little easier for my fellow teachers :)




All very different in topic, but all three are passions of mine.


  • Patchwork Pedagogy - My explorations and opinion on practise within the Early Years Sector.
  • The Wilderness - Instagram as part of my role as Education Officer for 'The Wilderness' Skipton.
  • Family History Hunter - Genealogy has been my addiction for over twenty years, since my introduction to it by my Grandma in 1997.